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Sarah-Jane has lived in Croatia for 10+ years. SJ, as she is known, has been traveling the Balkans & beyond since 2000. She now shares her passion for traveling with her husband & kids.

After spending seven nights at Amadria Park Kids Hotel Andrija in July, here is what I loved (and disliked) about the hotel, its amenities, and the staff. 

Croatia Travel Blog_Amadria Park Kids Hotel Andrija Review

Embarking on a family vacation can be a mix of excitement and trepidation, especially when it comes to finding the perfect home away from home. Nestled in the historic city of town of Šibenik, our recent vacation at the Amadria Park Kids Hotel Andrija, formerly known as Solaris Beach Resort, was nothing short of remarkable. As a parent, I was seeking a haven that would cater to the needs of my energetic sons, aged 5 and 10, and this enchanting 4-star hotel did not disappoint.

Amadria Park_ SJ and Roko

A seaside adventure awaits.

From the moment we set foot in the hotel, the adventure commenced. Greeted with a bounty of juices and a sparkling rosé that tickled my taste buds twice over; the hospitality was as refreshing as the Croatian sea breeze.

The delight in my children’s eyes was unmistakable as they were presented with welcome gifts of colorful pencils. This thoughtful touch spoke volumes about the hotel’s attention to young guests.

In the room, a bottle for me. Yay.

Amadria Park_Rose

Accommodation above and beyond

Though we had reserved a smaller room, fortune smiled upon us with a complimentary upgrade to a spacious sanctuary adorned with a balcony. The comfort of the hotel’s accommodation was matched only by the warmth exuded by the hotel staff, whose smiles were as bright as the Dalmatian sun.

Amadria Park_bear and Roko

The room: spacious, themed, and family-ready

Let’s talk about the room at Amadria Park Kids Hotel Andrija because, honestly, it can make or break a family holiday. We walked into a spacious setup with a giant king bed for me (major points for comfort) and a super cute bunk bed for the kids, complete with their own aquatic-themed bedding—it was like sleeping in a submarine, or so my 5-year-old believed.

The room wasn’t just the perfect place to crash. It was thoughtfully decked out with plenty of storage space. As any parent knows, kids come with extra everything—clothes, toys, gadgets. We had enough closets and drawers to keep chaos at bay, which is pretty much a vacation miracle.

Now, the bathroom had a walk-in shower instead of a tub. I know, I know, baths can be a big deal when you’ve got little ones, but the shower was roomy and easy to manage with the kids, and there were no puddles to wade through afterward. Plus, with all the swimming we did, the boys hardly missed the tub.

Adding to the room’s charm was the nautical decor that carried on from the rest of the hotel—a nice touch that kept the kids entertained and in full holiday mode. You know you’ve hit the room jackpot when the kids are as excited about returning to the room as they are about the hotel’s fun activities.

Amadria Park_dinner breakfast

A morning feast and poolside bliss

When you’re traveling with kids, you know that starting the day right is key. At Amadria Park Kids Hotel Andrija, breakfast isn’t just a meal; it’s an event. To sidestep the morning rush, we aimed for an early start, and let me tell you, it paid off.

Every day, there was a sprawling buffet that was a feast for the eyes as much as for the stomach. We’re talking about a bounty of options that could rival any brunch spot. For those who love a savory start, there was a spread of eggs—scrambled, boiled, poached, and an omelet station where you could load up on all your favorite add-ins.

Meats like crispy bacon and sausages were on full display, along with an assortment of cheeses and cold cuts that tempted even the pickiest of eaters.

Now, if you have a sweet tooth, the pancakes and waffles were a hit with my kids—topped with a selection of syrups, fruits, and a dollop of whipped cream, they were in breakfast heaven. But it didn’t stop there. The bakery section boasted fresh bread, pastries, and croissants that paired perfectly with a selection of jams, honey, and butter.

Healthy options? They’ve got you covered. There was a fresh fruit corner and a variety of yogurts, along with cereals and granolas. And for those who prefer a more Mediterranean start, a salad bar with fresh veggies and dressings was a refreshing option.

Don’t forget the drinks—the coffee was freshly brewed, a must for us parents, and there were teas, juices, and even milk options that catered to everyone’s preferences.

This kids menu and daily spread made sure we all left full and satisfied, ready to tackle the day—whether that meant lounging by the pool or heading out on an excursion.

Speaking of the pool, that early breakfast gave us the advantage of enjoying the water while still peaceful, letting us have a few quiet laps before the splashing brigade of kids descended. 

Amadria Park_Roko poolside

The poolside scene: splash and relax

With our bellies full, we’d claim our spot by the pool, which wasn’t without its challenges. The notorious sun lounge hogs were out in force, draping towels over chairs to claim them before disappearing for hours. Although it was a bit of a nuisance, it didn’t dampen our spirits or our fun in the sun.

The pools themselves were a haven for kids. There were shallow areas for the toddlers to splash safely, deeper sections for the swimmers, and enough space for everyone to enjoy without feeling crowded. The kids particularly loved the freedom of hopping from pool to pool, each with its own vibe and set of playmates to meet.

Amadria Park_Pool area Roko

The staff were diligent about cleanliness, constantly refreshing the towel stacks and ensuring the pool area remained inviting. And even with the early morning towel shenanigans, we always managed to carve out a cozy corner for ourselves, ignoring the deserted loungers with their silent, fluffy occupants.

As the day warmed up and more families trickled in, the atmosphere buzzed with infectious laughter and the sounds of children making the most of their holiday freedom. The pool area remained the epicenter of fun—a place where memories were made and the joy of summer was alive and splashing.


Amadria Park Hotel Review__sunnies cocktail

Kids club: hit or miss

Now, the kids club wasn’t a hit for us—my 5-year-old found it a tad underwhelming, and my 10-year-old wasn’t having any of it. That said, the animation team were fantastic—enthusiastic and genuinely caring.

Kid-friendly activities: no room for boredom

The sea-themed decor is a hit with the little ones, and it’s not just for show. This place is a kiddo’s dream—so many fun spots for photos.

My boys were all over the children’s playroom – game room. Think PlayStations, Switch consoles, and a race car driving setup. There’s a bit of a wait sometimes (more kids than consoles), but it’s a good chance for them to learn about taking turns, right?

Amadria Park_games room race chair

Diverse dining experiences

We opted out of the lunch package, preferring the flexibility of off-site excursions or in-room snacking. Although the dining experiences at the connected hotel restaurant came with a hefty price tag, the customer service remained unfailingly upbeat – a refreshing contrast to some other Croatian hotels we have stayed at.

Amadria Park_Roko Vladimir dinner

Daytime delights and evening entertainment at Amadria Park 

When it comes to keeping a family entertained, Amadria Park Kids Hotel Andrija knows its game. Our days were beautifully bookmarked with activities that catered to both the kids and the kid at heart.

Let’s tee off with minigolf. Tucked away from the midday sun, the minigolf course was a hit. With clubs in hand, we navigated through a maze of creative obstacles, all under the cooling shade of lush trees. It wasn’t just a way to pass the time; it was a laugh-filled competition.  Sure, it came with an extra cost, but the cool relief from the Croatian heat and the fun of each hole-in-one made it worth every euro.

Amadria Park_Roko mini golf

Post-golf, we treated ourselves to slushies. These icy concoctions were a little on the pricey side, but seeing my 5-year-old’s eyes light up with each sugary sip made it a justifiable splurge. If only they were a bit more affordable (€6 each!), they’d be the perfect antidote to the sizzling sun daily.

As the day wound down, we paid extra for the hotel buffet, which was vast and varied—imagine a spread that included kid-friendly favorites like pasta and nuggets alongside an array of fish and meats for the more sophisticated palates. The salad station alone was a garden of choices, with every topping you could think of.

Amadria Park_buffet dinner Roko

Dinner wasn’t just about filling up; it was a great way to sit and chat about the day. The quality ingredients made each mealtime something to look forward to. And while water was the go-to drink for us (gotta stay hydrated), those looking for something with a bit more zing weren’t left wanting, though soda and alcoholic beverages came at an additional charge.

But what truly sealed our evenings was the post-dinner entertainment. The hotel transformed into a stage for clowns, magicians, and dancers, whisking children (and adults!) into a world of wonder and laughter.

Amadria Park_cocktails 2

I sipped on a well-mixed cocktail, enjoying the balmy night air as the kids danced and reveled in the excitement. It was the kind of entertainment that leaves you smiling, a perfect nightcap for days filled with sunshine and adventure.

These activities and experiences, though sometimes coming with additional costs, were thoughtful touches that showed the hotel’s commitment to creating a memorable and comfortable stay.

Ice cream

The ice cream was excellent, and large servings, but 3 euros PER SCOOP – and which kid can only choose one flavor, huh?

Amadria Park_ice cream Vlad Roko

Exploring beyond the hotel

When you’re nestled comfortably at Amadria Park Kids Hotel Andrija, it might be tempting to stay put, but we ventured out to explore, and I’m here to guide you through some fabulous day trip options.

Amadria Park_Vodice Trip Turtle Roko

Kornati boat trip: first up, we booked a boat trip to the Kornati Islands, and it’s a must-do. You can easily snag tickets at the hotel kiosk the day before—super convenient. The archipelago’s beauty is jaw-dropping, with crystal clear waters and islands that seem to float on the Adriatic Sea. This all-day excursion included lunch, which meant one less thing to pack.

Our tour was brimming with photo ops and the kind of stunning scenery that postcards are made of. The staff on board were gems, making sure everyone felt comfortable and even coming to the rescue with extra water when we forgot ours. A solid 10/10 on the family fun scale

Vodice: for a change of pace, we took a short ride to Vodice. It’s a quaint coastal town where you can slow down and soak up the local atmosphere. We meandered through the old town, full of nooks and crannies that tell tales of times gone by.

The kids were fascinated by the marine life at the aquarium; keep your eyes on the lookout for the giant sea turtles. It is a small but charming place that’s ideal for a quick visit. We grabbed lunch at a local eatery, savoring some Croatian food.

Dalmatia Aquapark:  If you want to add another layer of excitement to your family vacation, don’t miss the Dalmatia Aquapark – Croatia’s first water park. Conveniently located within walking distance from Amadria Park Kids Hotel Andrija, this waterpark is an oasis of fun that promises to make a splash with both kids and adults.

This aquapark isn’t just a stone’s throw from the hotel—it also offers discounted tickets for hotel guests, which is a nice perk. Once you step inside, you’ll find a variety of water attractions suited for all ages and thrill levels. It’s an ideal spot to cool down, let loose, and enjoy the Croatian sun in a more dynamic setting.

Final Thoughts On Hotel Amadria Park Kids Hotel Andrija

Amadria Park_Roko Ice cream 2

For parents seeking a respite that promises sun, smiles, and splendor, this gem on the Adriatic is a trove of treasures waiting to be discovered.

As I reflect on our seven-night stay, the memories etched in our hearts and minds affirm that, for families seeking a blend of relaxation, adventure, and impeccable service, the Amadria Park Kids Hotel Andrija stands as a beacon of family-friendly excellence.


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Amadria Park Kids’ Hotel Andrija Quick Guide

Croatia Travel Blog_Best Resorts For Families In Croatia_Amadria Park Andrija
Photo Credit: Amadria Park Andrija


The four-star Amadria Park Hotel Andrija is located in Sibenik, right on a long beachfront and very close to Aquapark Dalamatia.

Room Type Options

Croatia Travel Blog_Amadria Park Kids Hotel Andrija_Hotel Room

There are several room options available to you, and the hotel contains 243 rooms overall. All rooms feature flat-screen TVs, air conditioning, private bathrooms, and tea/coffee-making facilities. The room options include:


Double Room With French Balcony 

This room is sized for two adults and two young children up to 12 years of age and is decorated in a bright and engaging style. Everything in this hotel is catered to families and children, and the rooms are no different. This room option has a large balcony, and all furniture is designed to be safe for children – you know how they love to climb!

Family Room

The family room has a double bed and a set of bunk beds. There is a balcony and a view of the courtyard. The room is also large enough for children to play without everyone getting in each other’s way!

Two Family Rooms With Connecting Door

This room choice has a connecting door, which is ideal for slightly older children who enjoy a little privacy. If you have two families traveling together or you have a large family in general, this is a good choice. As with all other room options, the décor is fun and bright, and there are bunk beds along with a double bed for parents.

Two Single Rooms With Connecting Door

If you have slightly older children, this single room with a connecting door is a good option. One room contains a double bed, and the connecting door opens to a room with two single beds. This option doesn’t have a balcony.

Superior Suite

If you want a little extra room, this suite will more than cater to your needs. The room features a double bed, a set of bunk beds, a living space with a sofa and TV, and a large balcony.

Deluxe Suite

For those really looking to push the boat out (pardon the pun), the Deluxe Suite ticks all the boxes. The suite contains a room with a double bed, a room with twin beds, a living room with a sofa and bunk beds, and two bathrooms with showers.

Single Room 16m² Courtyard/Park View

This room choice is ideal for the needs of families; it accommodates two adults and two children. The room contains a double bed and two twin beds but doesn’t have a balcony. That, in turn, cuts down on the cost, so this could be a good choice for those on a budget.

All rooms have sea-inspired themes and come with complimentary toiletries, a hair dryer, air-conditioned rooms, flat-screen televisions with satellite channels, free Wi-Fi and, and infant beds on request.

Facilities Available Onsite

Croatia Travel Blog_Amadria Park Kids Hotel Andrija_Hotel Pool & Beach Access
Photo Credit: Amadria Park Kids Hotel Andrija

This hotel is packed with onsite facilities. The aim is that you really won’t want to leave the grounds and will stick around.

The hotel has an onsite gym, spa, and wellness center, which is ideal for chilling out while your little ones are at the kids club!

There is also a huge outdoor pool with plenty of sun loungers around the outer edge. If you prefer to head to the family beach, the hotel has a dedicated, private space for guests, with plenty of sun loungers and parasols to go around. There is also an indoor pool if you prefer to avoid the sun and a specific pool for small children outside.

For a bit of tranquillity, there is the Mediterranean Garden to enjoy, or you could head to the En Vogue Beach Club and soak up some more rays.

The hotel also has several restaurants on site (more on that shortly), babysitting services, as well as bike rental opportunities, walking and jogging tracks, a solarium, and a tennis field.

Kids Entertainment & Activities

Croatia Travel Blog_Amadria Park Kids Hotel Andrija_Kids Entertainment
Photo Credit: Amadria Park Kids Hotel Andrija

Of course, this is a kid’s hotel, so most of the facilities are geared towards keeping little ones occupied during their time away. And it doesn’t disappoint!

The entire space is designed with a sea theme, and there is plenty of space to roam, run, and play throughout. The large children’s play area will help them run off some steam, and the sports center is ideal for plenty of (extra) exercise!

The games room caters to those who love video games and want to escape the sun for a while and make a great escape on a rainy day.

Aquapark Dalamatia is just next door, and the Pirate Adventure Minigolf is ideal for pulling the family together in a fun-filled activity!

The kid’s clubs are great for parents, offering a safe place to leave the kids if they need a break.  The Mini Club and Summer Club are there, and you can feel secure knowing that your kids are looked after and enjoying themselves while you kick back and relax. They’re also very likely to make lots of new friends, and the club’s mascot, Solarko, will become their new BFF!

Dining Options

Croatia Travel Blog_Amadria Park Kids Hotel Andrija_Dining
Photo Credit: Amadria Park Kids Hotel Andrija

There is a buffet breakfast available every morning and a buffet dinner service (if you book all-inclusive) if you prefer low-key dining. This is especially useful if your children are picky eaters! Restaurants cater to special diets, and there is a packed lunch option if you’re heading out on any excursions or going to the airport.

Bongos Snack Bar & Restaurant is the most popular choice as this offers low-key options throughout the day. However, prices are pretty high. For instance, a ham and cheese sandwich is worth 7 euros, and one pack of salted peanuts will set you back 4 euros!

Amadria Park_Pizza Roko

If you prefer to dine in a special setting, you can choose any of the other restaurants onsite, including Restaurant Argonauti, which offers gourmet dining, Restaurant Trattoria with a romantic dining setting, Osteria da Ugo, with its dishes made of local produce, Restaurant Kitchen with an old-fashioned feel, Restaurant & Bar Capital, or Restaurant Veranda.

You’re not short on choice, and if you wanna save some euros, eat lunch in your room some days and save yourself for dinner. That is what we did for 1-2 days.

Amadria Park_snack time


There is sufficient self parking onsite for all guests.

Things To Do Close-by To The Hotel

Krka Waterfalls National Park

Of course, you might want to venture out and see more of the local area than I see (I have seen it all already, so there was no need), so what is there to see and do?

National Park Krka

You can take a boat trip to National Park Krka and stand in awe at the countless towering waterfalls in this lush green setting.

Zlarin & Prvic Islands

No cars are allowed on Zlarin, and it’s a super-green setting with a peaceful vibe.



Does the hotel have an elevator and wheelchair access?

Yes, there are elevators throughout and access for wheelchairs.

Is the hotel non-smoking?

All restaurants have non-smoking sections.

How many rooms does the hotel have?

243 rooms.

Is there Wi-Fi in the hotel?

Yes, there is high-speed Wi-Fi available throughout the property.

What time are check-in and check-out?

Check-in is from 3 pm, and check-out is at 11 am.

What is the pet policy?

No pets are allowed in the hotel.

How many pools does the hotel have?

There are three pools – one outdoor, one indoor, and a dedicated children’s pool outdoor.

What is the closest city center?

Sibenik center is 6km away by road.

Where is the closest airport, and how far away is it?

The nearest airport is 60km away. Split Airport You can choose to fly from Zadar or Split.

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